Stay out of the Rain

Stay Out Of the Rain

Staying out of the rain at this time of year is easier said than done.

You can't seem to leave the house without one and it's great to keep an extra one in the boot, just in case.

If we had to choose our favourite umbrella, it would have to be this inverted style. It allows you to get into your car only leaving the door open slightly while you invert it and drag it through the door.  Because of the way it sits, you can also keep the water contained inside the brolly until you get out again.  

While there is nothing like a grand golf umbrella for coverage, you sometimes need a small, easier to handle option. With a pop of colour on the inside, and branding on the outside.  These not only look sharp, they are extremely practical.

Enquire now as to how branding can be applied or ask for a quote.

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