We specialise in creating dedicated merchandise portals for uniform and promotional products.  

A dedicated merchandise portal is a great option for businesses that;

  • Have regular reorders for existing uniform or products and want a visual, easy to use ordering experience. 
  • Require access for staff, branches or franchisees to access and order approved branded items online.

All our Merchandise sites are built using the Shopify eCommerce Platform and link in to our Inventory and Automated Production System. This allows us to process and produce orders fast and efficiently. 

Custom Merchandise Portals can be designed to suit your business and admin needs, with a range of process and set up options available including;

  • Branding and Imagery to match your Business
  • Locked down shopping areas with permissions required to access.
  • Payment Options - Credit Card, on Account, to Head Office and more.
  • Detailed Order History with Status and Tracking Details

Your business must meet our product criteria and turnover threshold to qualify for a Custom Merchandise Site and set up fees, term and conditions may apply - get in touch to chat through the options.


If your business doesn't qualify for their own Custom Merchandise Portal, you may also have the option of using the Brand Addiction Portal which can be accessed via this website. Here you can reorder your uniform and previously run promotional products online. 

All users will require a login and will only be able to see collections they have permission to see.